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The Monza Oriental Lamp is a beautiful and authentic piece of furniture that will brighten up any room while creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. This lamp is handmade from brass and is therefore particularly durable and robust. Brass is a material that is characterised by its natural patina and gains colour and character over time.

The lamp has an oriental design that is reminiscent of the traditional lanterns from the Middle East. It has an oval shape and is decorated with filigree ornaments and carvings that feature oriental motifs. The lamp has a glass dome that distributes the light gently and evenly while creating a pleasant lighting atmosphere.

Oriental Lamp Monza – can also be used as a lantern

The Oriental Lamp Monza is particularly suitable for the living room, bedroom, dining room and study. It can be placed on a table or a shelf and gives every room a special touch. It is also ideal as a decorative piece of furniture in the hallway or entrance area.

This lamp is also a particularly beautiful piece of furniture for anyone who loves oriental style and wants to decorate their home with genuine craftsmanship. With its natural beauty and high quality, the Monza Oriental Lamp is sure to provide many years of enjoyment.


Height approx. 40cm x diameter approx. 20cm

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