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Body extension 3 pieces different colors
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Body extension 3 pieces different colors



The body extension is perfect for any body. It doesn’t matter whether you change your child with cloth diapers or not. This little gadget ensures that you can still use your child’s bodysuit even if it no longer fits in terms of length.

Body extension suitable for cloth diapers

Current cloth diaper models generally have a very comfortable design and do not restrict your child’s movements. Compared to conventional diapers, they may be a little more bulky and create a larger bottom. This can be particularly noticeable in the early stages, when your child is still very small. The larger amount of fabric on the bottom can ensure that the bodysuit fits tighter than it would without a diaper. In the worst case scenario, it will slip under the leg cuffs of the cloth diaper and absorb liquid.

The cotton body extension is the perfect gadget to prevent this from happening in the first place. The big advantages in a nutshell:

  • 3 body extensions included in the pack
  • Can be used with many body variants. The diameter of the buttons can be 5, 7 and 9 mm
  • Extension by 7 cm

Body extension made of cotton and ÖKOTEX 100 certified

And it’s child’s play to use. You simply link the buttons of the extension to those of the bodysuit and voilà, it’s done. The 7 cm you gain is usually equivalent to a whole dress size.

If you are not sure whether the extension is suitable for your garments, simply measure. The buttons come in three different sizes: 9 mm, 7 mm and 5 mm. The buttons are also about 2 cm apart. Grab a ruler and you’ll know for sure.

The body extensions are made from unbleached cotton. The press studs are also ÖKOTEX 100 certified. This guarantees that they are free from harmful substances. You can wash them at 60 degrees and then put them in the tumble dryer if necessary.

One final note. Please take care not to press the buttons into your bodysuit with excessive force. Normally this is very easy. If this is not the case, then they probably do not fit. In this case, using additional force will unfortunately not help, because at best you will damage the buttons.

Extend the life of your baby bodysuits with the practical bodysuit extender

The bodysuit extender is the ideal solution for improving the fit of your baby bodysuits in no time at all. With this 3-pack of high-quality bodysuit extenders, you not only extend the life of the garments, but also ensure maximum comfort for your little one.

Versatile use: The set contains three different bodysuit extenders that are perfect for a variety of baby bodysuits. Thanks to the different diameters of the buttons (5, 7 and 9 mm), the extensions fit many common bodysuit styles. This allows you to use them flexibly as required.

Practical extension: With an extension of 7 cm, you have enough room to adjust the bodysuits to your growing baby. The bodysuit extension ensures a perfect fit and prevents uncomfortable constriction.

High-quality materials: The bodysuit extensions are made of skin-friendly cotton and are ÖKOTEX 100 certified. These materials not only ensure that they are comfortable to wear, but also meet the highest standards of quality and safety for your baby.

Easy to use: Using the body extensions is child’s play. They are simply buttoned onto the existing bodysuit to create the desired extension in no time at all. The practical 3-pack also offers you the option of using different bodysuits at the same time.

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Bunt, Pastell


Waschbar bis 60 Grad




100% Baumwolle (ungebleichter Flannel, kbT)


ÖKOTEX 100 zertifiziert


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