Robotime Puppenhaus Musikbar
Robotime Doll’s House Music Bar DIY with Lighting
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Robotime Doll’s House Music Bar DIY with Lighting


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Discover the fascinating Robotime doll’s house music bar set – the perfect combination of precision craftsmanship and musical enjoyment! This beautifully designed doll’s house set will transport you into a world of joy and entertainment.

The Robotime dollhouse music bar set is a true masterpiece of miniature art. Every detail has been carefully designed and crafted with the utmost attention to detail. From the exquisitely painted exterior to the tiny instruments and furniture inside, this set is a tribute to craftsmanship and aesthetics.

But what makes this dollhouse set so special is the built-in music bar. Switch on the music and let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful sounds. The miniature instruments play together harmoniously and create an enchanting atmosphere. You will feel like you are in a real bar, surrounded by music and merriment.

The Robotime Doll’s House Music set is not only a visual feast, but also a fun craft project. It includes all the necessary materials and instructions to create your own masterpiece. Assembling the doll’s house is an enjoyable and relaxing activity where you can fully develop your creative skills.

This dollhouse set is perfect as a gift for craft enthusiasts, music lovers and anyone who is passionate about miniature worlds. Spend pleasant hours building the doll’s house and then enjoy the musical sounds that bring it to life.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Robotime dollhouses and let the music bar enchant you. Order today and get ready for a unique and magical crafting experience!

Robotime Doll’s House Music Bar – Fabulous 3D Puzzle

  • Where is the most exquisite doll’s house? – Come here! Robotime 3D Doll’s House is a kit that needs to be assembled by yourself, which takes about 24 hours. This kit is challenging, but makes a great gift for those who like handwork.
  • Will the miniature house shine? – Yal! It has LED lights. When the lights are on, it reflects the 1:24 scale tiny house. The image is warm and beautiful. Most beautiful at night. Who wouldn’t want it. (Due to transport regulations, the 3V CR2302 battery is not included).
  • What should I do if the assembly looks difficult? – Not difficult! Don’t worry about it! The doll’s house kit comes with all accessories and illustrated instructions. All parts are perfectly cut and can be easily put together with a little glue. The craft kit is well made, suitable for DIY beginners and craft lovers.
  • My game, my territory, my rules! – All the indoor furniture is high quality and lively. You can use your brain to decorate the house or paint your favourite colour. As you assemble the miniature dolls house piece by piece, it feels very relaxed and has a sense of achievement. Once it’s finished, it will amaze everyone who sees it.
  • Can it be given as a gift? – Yal! A creative cottage set like this makes a great gift for a friend or sister. It can be given as a gift on any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or Christmas. If you encounter any problems during assembly, please contact us.

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